Therapeutic Aspects

Therapeutic Aspects

BioSapphire Bracelet has numerous advantages for rejuvenating health. It can be worn without any complications or side effects to prevent and prophylactic management in addition to the prescribed medication or treatment.

BioSapphire Bracelet regulates cardio-electric conductivity and helps maintain healthy EF output.

BioSapphire Bracelet supports CSF brain cleansing activity by inducing deep stage NREM sleep and REM sleep that supports learning and healthy cognitive functioning. BioSapphire Bracelet also helps with efficient blood flow to the brain thus reducing the risk of dementia and neurovascular diseases.

BioSapphire Bracelet supports healthy cognitive functioning by improving memory, information processing, sensory integration, motor control, coordination and spatial cognition.

BioSapphire Bracelet enhances psychological wellbeing by reducing stress levels and improving positive thought patterns. BioSapphire Bracelet is also recommended for depression, anxiety, phobia, suicidal tendencies, anguish, addictions, and other mental health disorders.

BioSapphire Bracelet helps improve metabolism and pancreatic function. It is highly recommended for type 2 diabetes patients.

BioSapphire Bracelet helps restore ocular vision by reducing the stress on optic nerve, vitreous humour and ciliary muscles.

BioSapphire Bracelet helps improve digestive metabolism, regulates enzymatic action and increases hepatic absorption of the metabolites. Healthy hepatobiliary function supports blood cells formation thus treating anemia and improving innate immunity.

NOTE: BioSapphire Bracelet is a research product that is produced as result of decades long scientific research. BST Gemstones Trading LLC manufactures BioSapphire Bracelets under the supervision of qualified scientists, engineers and skilled technicians observing highest quality standards. Composition table of BioSapphire Bracelet is indicative of the proportionate use of rare earth elements and naturally occurring certified blue sapphires of Kashmiri origin. Please note that BioSapphire Bracelet DOES NOT replace any medication and CANNOT be used as alternative to the medical treatment. Please consult your physician before using BioSapphire Bracelet if you suffer from any critical illness and remain under supervisory clinical treatment of a medical doctor.

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