BioSapphire “Gem of a Person” Initiative

It is said that every person is like a gem. Everyone can perform miraculously if trusted with honor and entrusted with a purpose. BST Gemstones Trading LLC unveils a uniquely distinctive honorable opportunity for YOU to be part of the first ever BioSapphire “Gem of a Person” initiative.

Being Gem of Person helps you claim direct monetary benefits, receive rewards thru our affiliate program, study and acquire hi-tech social map monetization (SMM) skills for free, and earn Blue Sapphire Tokens (BST) in return of your meritorious service to the community. Follow your instinct and 1, 2, 3 . . .

Step One:

Purchase BioSapphire Bracelet valued US$ 549.00 at specially discounted price equaling US$ 200 only. The BioSapphire Bracelet is ornamented with 2.0 karats of naturally occurring certified Blue Sapphire of Kashmiri origin. These “heart of the ocean” blue sapphires are fused into the bracelet by cutting edge amazed fusion technology (AFT).

You’ll receive e-vouchers for the rewards program and SMM study circle worth equivalent to your investment of US$ 200.00 right away. Make sure you obtain laboratory certification of your BioSapphire Bracelet and proof of your ownership so you can claim yourself to be a rightful owner of the world’s most precious gems, ever.

Do you know that you can return your BioSapphire Bracelet to BST Gemstones Trading LLC anytime in your life or resell to profit from the ever-increasing value of Kashmiri Blue Sapphires? Last 200 years, and Kashmiri Blue Sapphires never decreased their value!

Step Two:

Wear your BioSapphire Bracelet for at least seven days and pen down your experience in your own words. Share your words with rest of the world using BST Omnipresence (social media platforms) and become a celebrity influencer. You deserve to earn Blue Sapphire Tokens (BST) worth US$ 100.00 now, that you can stake/invest with BST commercial ecosystem to reap 55-60% profits realized annually, depending upon the pace of growth.

You can purchase more BSTs from the decentralized exchanges (DEXs) if you like to invest and reap healthy annualized profits. Please note that profits are subject to declaration of wealth and legal taxation as per rules and regulations of the country of your residence.

Step Three:

Its time to tell everyone. Tell the tale and be the certified BioSapphire reseller. Enroll yourself to be “Gem of a Person” and kickstart your promisingly gratifying direct sales career with BST Gemstones Trading LLC as a solopreneur. Starting your own gemstones trading business was never that easy!

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