It is your ability to think – perceive – analyze – interpret – express seamlessly without constraints, confusion and external interference, disruption, distraction, or influences.

Wearing BioSapphire Bracelet, your body gets optimal amount of energy because:

  1. Your lungs breathe better inhaling more oxygen.
  2. Your blood pressure normalizes thus carrying fresh oxygen efficiently down to the cellular levels.
  3. Your pancreatic function optimizes balancing your blood sugar ensuring appropriate amount of glucose reaches at the cellular levels.
  4. Your mitochondria are overhauled and sub-cellular power generators work better because they are ventilated well.
  5. Optimal amount of energy is released and your heart pumps healthy supplying that energy to every single cell at work, especially to the vital organs including your brain.

So, you’re probably at the best of your Cognitive Potential making best use of your neuroefficient brain to achieve what you can think or aspire. Thanks to the BioSapphire Bracelet, you’re now in control of your own mind and body.

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